Return to Northmoor Episode 4 – Session 2 Adventure

Posted by Tim - October 13th, 2008

In this episode, Tim and Kim go over the scenes for the second session of play. In the first half of the show, we go over each scene, and NPC in detail, so that you can be prepared to run this session. In the second half of the show, we give tips on running it as interestingly as possible, and ideas on variations to suit your group. (The next episode covers the highlights of how it ran for our group).

Scenes in this Session:

1) The Hole on the Water Inn – Finally reaching the end of their time on the Blackwater Cat, the PCs suffer the indignity of completely unloading the raft into the warehouse, and then sit back for a well-deserved drink at the finest (and only) floating drinking establishment in the area.

2) The Attack – Just as they are enjoying their second pints, the town alarm bell rings, and a vicious swarm of Needlefang Drakes bursts onto the docks chasing a poor soul, while sneaky sharkmen slither on to the rafts…

3) The Raftman’s End – When the attack is finally over, and the cleanup begins, the PCs discover that the Raftmaster has met his end from a short rope hanging from a tall rafter in the warehouse.

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e-Adventure Tiles used in this Session:

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