Return to Northmoor Episode 16, The Temple of Art, Part III

In this episode, Tim and Kim go over the scenes for the eighth session of play. We go over all the scenes from this session, and lay out the feel of each, so you can hit the materials well-prepared to run it.

The discussion topic is around resurrection in D&D, as well as whether you should call a minion a minion.

Scenes in this Session, entitled “Temple of Art, Part II”:

1) The Amphitheater of Beauty – A final showdown with the evil sahuagin, who want to use your Mentor to raise their Baron!

2) The Workroom- A fiery guardian watches over the vault, where raw gold, gems, and silver are stored, can you outwit him?

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e-Adventure Tiles used in this Session:

Return to Northmoor Episode 16 Materials

Here are the materials for Return to Northmoor Episode 16.