Return to Northmoor Episode 6 – Session 3 Adventure

Posted by Tim - October 27th, 2008

In this episode, Tim and Kim go over the scenes for the third session of play. In the first half of the show, we go over each scene, and NPC in detail, so that you can be prepared to run this session. In the second half of the show, we give tips on running it as interestingly as possible, and ideas on variations to suit your group. (The next episode covers the highlights of how it ran for our group).

Scenes in this Session, entitled “Descendence”:

1) Investigation in the Lost Village – In the aftermath of the Sahuagin attack and the Raftmaster’s murder, the PCs investigate around the Lost Village for clues as to what happened, and what to do next.

2) The Past Revealed – Now undertanding that the PCs are wrapped up in a serious situation with the Items, the Ranger reveals the events that led to the end of his adventuring career, and why someone might be searching for the Items.

3) Bogman Down! – The PCs find the Bogman unconscious in the bog, best by a large pack of Stirges.

4) Meet the Bogman – In his tiny hut, the Bogman reveals that he knows where the Mentor has been taken, and that his ‘special friends’ might know even more.  He also gives them each a gift for saving his life.

5) Descendence – The PCs meet the Bogman’s ‘special friends’, ghosts of people from the ancient city of Bel-Alaqua which lies sunken beneath the bog.  They will be trapped here unless the PCs burn their bodies, which just happen to be inside the same ruin that the Mentor has been taken to.  They also discover that each of them is descended from Bel-Alaquan nobility by taking “the test”.  Finally, they reach 2nd level!

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e-Adventure Tiles used in this Session:

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