Return to Northmoor Meta Episode 1 – D&D and Story Games: Will they Blend?

Posted by Tim - November 17th, 2008

For your entertainment during our holiday hiatus, we present the first Return to Northmoor meta episode!

In this meta episode, Tim sits down with “Nexus of Indie Game Information” Doyce Testerman (creator of RandomWiki and the Firefly Wiki, as well as a published fiction writer and many other things.  

They discuss what Story Games have to offer to the D&D game player, how D&D is really just a diceless RPG, and how you can enhance your D&D game with key Story Game concepts without adding a single new rule.  (Hint: see Episode 1 of Return to Northmoor for one of them.)

This is part one of the discussion, our next episode will conclude it, discussing specific mechanics you can add to D&D to help the system lend support to character development (outside of combat skills).

Here’s Doyce’s massive list of links for your reference:

On ‘indie’ games with traditional roles: – Dogs in the Vineyard

On player narration/negotiation:
Donjon –
Spirit of the Century –
“The Mountain Witch Trick” –
In a Wicked Age –

On player investment:
Sorcerer (bangs/kickers) –
The Shadow of Yesterday (keys) –

On player world-building
Primtime Adventures –
Mortal Coil –
Constrained: In a Wicked Age –

Hacking DnD:
TSoY Keys:
YA fantasy keys:

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