Return to Northmoor Episode 8 – Session 4 Adventure

Posted by Tim - February 2nd, 2009

In this episode, Tim and Kim go over the scenes for the fourth session of play. In the first half of the show, we go over each scene, and NPC in detail, so that you can be prepared to run this session. In the second half of the show, we give tips on running it as interestingly as possible, and ideas on variations to suit your group. (The next episode covers the highlights of how it ran for our group).

Scenes in this Session, entitled “The Temple of Blood”:

1) Next Steps – Having learned that they are all descended from the noble families of the ancient Bel-Alaquan civilization, the PCs learn that their mentor is being held in an Ancient Bel-Alaquan ruin, the Temple of Art.  But to enter, they need a Blood Key from the Temple of Blood.

2) Entrance – The Bogman rows the PCs to the front of the spotless opalescent Temple of Blood.  They discover that they aren’t the only ones to come here recently, and must prove their knowledge of the gods to continue.

3) The Balance of Knowledge – Another challenging room awaits in the bowels of the temple.  They PCs must use their wits and skills to bypass the pit and continue through the hidden door.

4) Shark Alley – The Shauagin have beaten the PCs to the temple, and left a rearguard to finish them off.   An ambush and a battle in a small dark space follow.

5) Chamber of Keys – The PCs reach the chamber where the Blood Keys are stored, and must discover their secret in order to remove them.

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e-Adventure Tiles used in this Session:

Handouts created using Google SketchUp 7

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