Return to Northmoor Episode 12 – Temple of Art, Part I

Posted by Tim - March 16th, 2009

In this episode, Tim and Kim go over the scenes for the sixth session of play. We go over all the scenes from this session, and lay out the feel of each, so you can hit the materials well-prepared to run it.

Scenes in this Session, entitled “Temple of Art, Part I”:

1) The Hall of Entry – The entry hall has a calming and perception-enhancing effect – but will the PCs let themselves be affected?

2) The Grand Foyer – A grand chamber filled with spectacular art give the PCs a glimpse into the former glory of the Bel-Alaquan civilization.

3) The Hall of Nature – A Hall showcasing art dedicated to nature has been desecrated by a Chaos Cult, and concealed doors let the PCs discover how the Temple met it’s end.

4) The Guardroom – The guards made their final stand here a millennia ago, and used a Blood Key to seal the Temple off from time.  Now, the remnants of the invading force linger to threaten the group.

5) The Maproom – A final surprise from the Chaos Cult lurks in the corners of an amazing room-sized map of Bel-Alaqua.

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e-Adventure Tiles used in this Session:

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