Return to Northmoor Episode 17 – Actual Play of Session 8, Part I

Posted by Tim - August 1st, 2009

In this episode, Tim and Kim guide you through highlight snippets of an example of actual play of the eighth session of Return to Northmoor – “The Temple of Art, Part III”, so you can see what when right and what went…different.

We discuss various D&D 4e rules gotchas, including using encounter powers outside of combat, multiple action points per encounter, and cleric powers that grant surges and temporary hit points!

This episode covers the first half of the Session 8 Actual Play, the second half will be in the next episode!

An uncut full-length version is available for those who prefer to hear it all!

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The e-Adventure tiles map described in this episode is “Cartophile, Vol. 5“.

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