About the Hosts of Return to Northmoor

TimHeadMed Tim White – Tim has been playing role-playing games since 1985, and has run dozens of campaigns in dozens of systems.He also wrote and co-wrote a number of published scenarios for the RPGA:

  • Call of Cthulhu – Heart of Siberia
  • AD&D 2nd Ed – Bands of Love (3 rounds) (Gen Con Feature)
  • AD&D 2nd Ed – Secret Lives (3 rounds) (Gen Con Feature)
  • AD&D 2nd Ed – A Pirate’s Life (3 rounds) (Gen Con Feature)
  • D&D 3rd Ed – Barbarian Lives (3 rounds) (1st D&D 3rd Edition Gen Con Feature)
  • D&D 3rd Ed Living Greyhawk – Secrets of Crystal Springs (1st County of Urnst Regional)
  • D&D 3rd Ed Living Greyhawk – Tales from the Wall (1st County of Urnst Interactive)

Tim is a Software Systems Engineer for a Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company based in Denver, CO.

Kim Stone Kim Stone – Kim has been gaming since she was about 12, when her Middle School Music Teacher first ran she and her father through a D&D adventure. Kim has won the Best Player award at Denver gaming conventions in the past, and received perfect GM scores for running a number of RPGA events. Kim is a microbiologist.

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