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Free D&D 4e Compatible Adventure Released – As A Podcast!

Ever wish you could read an adventure on your commute, and then run it for your group that night?  Now you can, without risk of gruesome highway death!

The Return to Northmoor podcast presents a free D&D 4e Compatible adventure in podcast format, with a new session every other week. 

You can subscribe through iTunes, or directly at .

Each episode, hosts Tim White and Kim Stone walk you through a new adventure session in a lively discussion format.  They not only give you the details of each scene, but give you tips on how best to run it, and ideas on how to customize the adventure to run best for your group.

The podcast presents an entire campaign, from ideas, to character creation, to each session of play.  You can create your own group and follow along, or simply tune in to get ideas for your own campaign.

Return to Northmoor is an interactive adventure as well, with listeners posting their own ideas and variations on the forums over at .  Why settle for what the author thinks is the best way to present a scene, when you can have a whole community of ideas to choose from?

Written reference materials are provided for each session, so you can listen to an episode, print the material, and play!

Finally, there will be occasional bonus episodes featuring highlights from the hosts’ actual play of each session, so you can get even more ideas!

Check out the newest way to present adventures over at

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