What is Return to Northmoor?

Return to Northmoor is a D&D 4e Adventure Podcast – a PodioAdventure!

It allows you to use up all the time you normally waste commuting, mowing the lawn, and working out to prepare for your D&D game!

About half of the Return to Northmoor episodes describe an evening’s worth of a D&D adventure that you can either run whole for your group, or use as inspiration for your own play.

About half the rest of the episdodes are an opportunity to listen to a GM and player critically dissect their own game – like a DVD commentary for RP sessions.  The hosts play clips from actual play, and let you know what to listen for to hear what they did right, what they did wrong, and what went…different.

The rest of the episodes are interviews with special guests and other material of interest to the D&D playing and running public at large.

So take a listen, you’ll laugh, you’ll groan, you’ll learn something!

And your commutes will never be wasted again!

Thanks for checking out Return to Northmoor!

Tim and Kim

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